Intelligent Client List Development

Client lists are the backbone of every successful business or organization, don’t leave yours to chance. Whether your needs are to increase revenue, grow a following or sign-up members, our programs boost results and position you to convert more leads into customers. DMS will work with you to develop and refine a intelligently targeted customer database.

Generally speaking it is most effective for an organization to utilize a proprietary list or client database, however, often that is simply not an option and a 3rd party list must be purchased. Regardless of your situation, the Sales & Marketing Consultants at DMS are prepared to walk you through a screening process and ensure that the final mailing list used for your campaign represents the most accurate reflection of your Target Market from the highest quality sources for 3rd party data.  Beginning with your FREE Initial Consultation, DMS will begin to work with you to define or refine your Target Market for each individual product, service or marketing campaign.

Tired of using 3rd party lists, but don’t have a list of your own?  DMS can help.

Contact us today to learn more about how DMS can help your organization develop an intelligent list of potential clients or donors to target with your marketing efforts.

Client List Management

DMS offers a wide variety of data solutions from basic preparation to programming, processing, and reporting.  Our in-house Data Processing Department will work with your database to comply with U.S.P.S. regulations and/or standard internet and anti-spam protocols, including address correction, standardization, encoding, and opt-in.  Additionally, our Data Processing Department can create highly targeted applications, which can integrate coding systems and variable data to fulfill secure and highly personalized correspondence.

Data Security

DMS will satisfy any specific standards, issues, and applications that are required or deemed necessary by our clients in order to protect their data, client information, and information systems from unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.

At DMS, we understand that data is the foundation of every sales & marketing and client communication campaign and we have successfully worked with many very large customers, with very unique and challenging data requirements.